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The healing power of social prescribing

Data can be incredibly important to those working in social prescribing.

According to a recent report commissioned by the ODI, more effective social prescribing could free up between 2–5% of GP appointments, making between 3.2 to 8 million appointments available to those with a clinical need and relieving pressure on the NHS.

With improved data availability, GPs, link workers, charities and other health and wellbeing practitioners could more effectively target issues such as mental health, and improve provision on non-clinical interventions – from physical activity to assistance with social or welfare problems.

In this talk, Dr Marcello Bertotti (co-founder of the Social Prescribing Network and of the Social Prescribing Youth Network) and Louise Burke (Managing Director, ODI) will discuss the potential benefits and opportunities of social prescribing, and the current challenges and barriers – including a lack of data – to patients accessing it.

Hear from our expert speakers and enjoy a complimentary light lunch, opportunities to network and the chance to take part in a live Q&A.

This is a free, in-person event and will be held in Kings Place, King’s Cross, London.

About the speakers

Dr Marcello Bertotti is a reader in community health at the Institute for Connected Communities, University of East London. He has 15 years work experience in research and evaluation of community health interventions, social enterprise, asset-based approaches to health, and social prescribing.

He is a co-founder of the Social Prescribing Network and of the Social Prescribing Youth Network. He also co-delivers an accredited Level 3 certificate in social prescribing.

Louise Burke is the ODI’s Managing Director, and presented our new report on ‘The role of data in unlocking the potential of social prescribing’ at the ODI Summit 2021.

On the new report, Louise said: ‘This new report shows that social prescribing can unlock health and societal benefits more efficiently if certain enablers are in place. One such enabler is the need for data infrastructure, by which we mean the standards and stewardship to enable collection and sharing of appropriate information. If GP appointments can be reduced in the way that the report indicates then this is a clear case of how efficient collation and sharing of data can have sizeable benefits for the NHS.’

Covid-19 information

To keep everyone safe, we prefer participants to wear a face covering while not eating or drinking. Speakers will not be wearing face covering.

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