We have collaborated with dozens of people around the world, in an open process, to co-design a global network of ODI ‘Nodes’.

We have borrowed from the design principles of the web itself to bring people and organisations together, and will use open data both to collaborate with each other, and as the primary output of the network.

Each ODI Node has agreed to adopt the ODI Charter, which is a open source codification of the ODI itself, and embodies principles of open data business, publishing, communication, and collaboration.

There are three levels: Country, City, and Communications.

  • Country Nodes: Independent NGOs who are building national centres of excellence, working across public and private sectors, NGOs, educational institutions and other Nodes within the country. ODI USA and ODI Canada are currently in “beta” to reflect their startup status.
  • City or Regional Nodes deliver projects, and can provide training, research, and development. ODI Dubai, ODI Chicago, and ODI North Carolina, ODI Paris, ODI Trento, ODI Brighton, ODI Manchester, ODI Leeds fall into this category.
  • Communications Nodes amplify open data case studies from around the world and promote understanding. ODI Moscow, ODI Buenos Aires and ODI Gothenburg have joined at this level.

Existing organisations (businesses, universities and NGOs) act as the hosts for city, regional and communications Nodes.

You can follow the development of the ODI Charter and Nodes via github: https://github.com/theodi/ODI

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