'ODI Registered Trainer', is a quality mark for trainers who have been assessed by the ODI as able to train others in open data.

What are trainers assessed for?

  • An understanding and implementation of education theory
  • An ability to create interactive training with good learning outcomes
  • An knowledge of open data as applied to their specialist area (eg policy, law, data science)
  • An plan for their long term personal development as a trainer

See here for details of the assessment criteria.

Who are ODI Registered Trainers and what do they specialise in?

  • Ulrich Atz, statistics and data science (ODI UK)
  • Chloe Bonnet, business strategy and development (ODI Paris)
  • Liz Carolan, government policy and strategy (ODI UK)
  • Ibrahim Elbadawi, government policy (ODI Dubai)
  • Ian Henshaw, technical development and implementation (ODI North Carolina)
  • Edafe Onerhime, data science (ODI Leeds)
  • Rayna Stamboliyska, informatics (France)
  • Jonathan Stoneman, data journalism (ODI UK)

I'd like an ODI Registered Trainer to run some training

Super. Please contact us and we'll put you in touch with the most relevant trainer near you.

I'd like to become an ODI Registered Trainer

Great! Have a read through the assessment criteria to get a sense of what's involved. Also have a think through what your specialist subject might be (eg. data journalism, data publishing, statistics, policy, law) and get in touch.

The legal bit

ODI Registered Trainers can use the ODI Registered Trainer mark to create, market, sell and teach courses and training designed by the individual registered trainer.

The ODI Registered Trainer mark does not give license to train, market or brand courses created by the Open Data Institute, or other ODI Registered Trainers, without prior permission or agreement, which must be in writing.

Original content created by ODI Registered Trainers remains their intellectual property. Course content (not including course titles, or client confidential material) should be shared subject only, at most, to the requirement to the attribute and/or share-alike.

The Open Data Institute retains the right to remove ODI Registered Trainer status at any time if a trainer is found in breach of these conditions, acting against the ODI's core mission, or using the brand to bring harm to the organisation, its individuals (including other ODI Register Trainers) or global training activities. Trainers may be requested to attend follow up review sessions on a periodic basis and be subject to monitoring.