Volker Buscher

Director of Digital at Arup

Volker Buscher is Arup’s leader of the UKMEA Digital business and the global Digital Services Skills Network. He is part of Arup’s global Digital Steering Group, where he is responsible for developing new advisory and data driven services. A Project

Director for public and private sector clients in the UK, Europe, Middle East and SE Asia. Volker is responsible for the development and implementation of business and technology projects, including:

  • The delivery of technology solutions to improve business and government performance; and

  • Leading strategic Arup propositions including big data, smart cities, digital master planning, technology and sport, technology in major projects, smart mobility and government policy advice, and

  • The development of Arup’s data analytics services including an open source platform developed with an ecosystem of partners specialising in the built environment.

Volker is a member of a number of external advisory boards including: the Smart London Board advising the Mayor of London, the Smart Cities Forum advising UK Ministers for Cities and Technology, together with advisory roles for ISO, BSI, Digital Economy Catapult and Canary Wharf Cognicity program.

He has worked extensively with academia on research projects and acted as industrial supervisor for several doctorates including work with Bristol University, University College London, and Imperial College London. He is a member of the Cambridge University CSIC advisory board.

Volker is the course director of Arup University master level course in Data Analytics and Smart Cities.

Volker will be talking about data infrastructure at the ODI Summit 2016.

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