JP Rangaswami

Chief Data Officer, Head of Strategy and Innovation, Deutsche Bank

JP Rangaswami is the Chief Data Officer of Deutsche Bank, as well as the Head of Strategy and Innovation for the Chief Operating Office. He joined Deutsche Bank in January 2015.

As Chief Data Officer, JP is responsible for increasing the quality of the Bank’s data and improving its governance and control, to a level where it will enhance competitive advantage. As Head of Strategy and Innovation, JP is responsible for ensuring strategic alignment across the COO organisation with that of the Bank. He is also responsible for all aspects of innovation, including the newly established Deutsche Bank labs in Silicon Valley, Berlin and London.

Originally an economist and financial journalist, JP has 35 years’ experience in information technology, primarily in the financial sector. Prior to joining Deutsche Bank, JP was Chief Scientist at, where he drove forward the firm’s products and social service innovation capabilities, leading to him being ranked 4th in Computer Weekly's 2013 list of the most influential people in IT. He has previously held senior IT positions at a number of leading multinational organisations including BT plc and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, where he was named CIO of the Year by Waters Magazine in 2003, CIO Innovator of the Year by the European Technology Forum in 2004 and European Innovator of the Year by Innovate in 2005.

JP has also contributed to a number of books and publications: Augmented, The Cluetrain Manifesto, The Gameful World, and Scientific American.

JP will be talking about data infrastructure at the ODI Summit 2016.