Graham Mullier

Head Data Sciences, R&D IS, Syngenta

Graham leads a team of around 30 people, supporting the needs of R&D and other parts of Syngenta.

Syngenta engage via R&D Domain, programme and project teams, bringing core capabilities around data engineering, building out our data and other platforms, and data science with a team of data scientists.

Graham has synthesised small molecules in a lab, written code in old, long-forgotten languages like Fortran to explore crystal structure data, automated chemoinformatics calculations and led software engineering, architecture and information management teams.

Graham has interests in data visualisation, a data-centric approach to enterprise architecture, IoT and automated/autonomous data collection, plus of course the idea of a data ecosystem for agriculture and food. He's also been actively collaborating with the ODI for 2 years.

Graham will be talking about open agriculture at the ODI Summit 2016.

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