Open Data Challenge series

The ODI Showcase 2015 summer call ran from June to September

The ODI Showcase commissioned four projects from any sector that demonstrated a real difference to people’s lives using open data.

The ODI provided up to £7,000 to support the delivery and documentation of each project, including open data expertise and access to its global network, between August and September 2015.

The four winners were:

Plexus: data-driven support for mental health
Inspired by insights learnt from working with mental health charity Mind, digital design studio M/A built Plexus, an online hub and web app that pulls together open data from a range of sources – from Mind’s OpenHub platform and NHS Choices to GOV.UK and National Careers Service – to help people with mental health conditions to access support, find routes back into employment and manage their conditions at work.

Breathe Heathrow: democratising air data to meet local needs
Startup deployed a series of air quality and noise sensors in residents’ gardens over a wide area around Heathrow. By engaging the public in this way, their project democratises the collection and publication of data that anyone can access, use and share, bringing facts to a polarised debate over current and projected environmental impact.

Visualising Rail Disruption
Fasteroute have built a web app combining current and historic train travel times, including arrivals and departures at all stations on a route, making it easier it identify which rail services are most reliable.

How Clean is the Water?
Environmental data specialists Epimorphics have investigated the multitude of use cases of the Environment Agency’s bathing water quality data – from groups like Surfers Against Sewage to day trippers looking for the cleanest spot. Their work highlights the shocking tragedy that led to the Good Beach Guide, kickstarting our very real need to know how safe the waters around the UK are.