Opportunities for startups

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When people get access to data, organisations innovate faster and startups create better products with real impact. We call this open innovation and it’s at the heart of what we do.

People to talk to about Opportunities for startups

With the ODI startup programmes we connect data-driven startups with private and public sector organisations that face challenges that data can help solve. We then leverage our trusted partners and  network of experts to support them in this journey.

Since launching the ODI startup incubator in 2012, we have run five different programmes and supported 23 cohorts for a total of 124 startups at various stages of maturity, from idea to seed stage.

About our programmes

The programmes are either delivered either in-house by our very own ODI team ODI incubator and OpenActive – or in partnership with third parties – ODINE, Open Data Challenge Series, DataPitch, ADSA and Labora.

The startups we supported generated £40m in sales, investment and efficiencies (time and money saved to customers) and employed 400 people.

So far most of the programmes have focused on startups that work with open or shared data sets adhering to an open innovation approach in 24 countries across Europe, Central America and ASEAN region. Some programmes focus on specific verticals.

Our experienced team can help drive innovation in corporates and public sectors. We do this by using data to solve specific challenges and boosting the wider economy whilst creating social impact.

What we offer

We currently offer three programmes/products:

  • Sector-change ODI accelerator
  • ODI Challenge series
  • Accelerator delivered in partnership with third parties