Research & development

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The ODI’s ongoing research work includes:

  • Exploring the evidence for the impact of open data
  • Research and development of tools and standards to assist producers, publishers and users of open data
  • Examining the implications, challenges and opportunities of deploying open data at web scale
  • Applications of open data to address or illuminate real-world problems

If you’d like to collaborate with us on a research project there are a number of possible opportunities:

  • Externally funded research projects related to open data
  • Research grant proposals: we actively participate in proposal development for research funding schemes such as FP7/Horizon2020 and UK research councils.
  • Research visits, placements and secondments: we consider requests for researchers wishing to spend time at the ODI
  • Student projects: we work with universities to develop (and where appropriate, to co-supervise) student projects related to open data