Deborah Yates

Programme Lead - Data Assurance
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Deborah Yates is the Principal Consultant at the ODI.

Deborah is a data governance specialist and joined the ODI in May 2018. She works with organisations to make better use of data through practical application of data policy and leading culture change through open data. Since joining the ODI she has worked with a range of organisations across a number of sectors including the engineering, agricultural, financial and public sectors.

Her background includes data transformation in the UK public sector. She led a programme of work to embed ‘open by design’ into business as usual and worked with information asset owners to understand and improve data management practices. Deborah was also part of the team at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural affairs ensuring preparedness for the General Data Protection Regulations.

Deborah’s passion for open data stems from her practical experience in applying data policy and seeing the great potential to achieve so much more when data is open.

Deborah's projects and blogposts