Terrafirma exist to help professionals and the consumer unravel the complexities of the ground and provide intelligent solutions in the form of GeoData or Reports to support robust and future-proof decision-making. Tom pursues a personal ambition of changing the way in which we perceive, identify and act upon ground risks to better manage and resolve the problems that are increasing in occurrence and importance across the UK.

Terrafirma is the fusion of science, data and expertise to enable smarter decisions and professionals to better understand the ground. The disruptive power of the ground beneath our feet cannot be underestimated. We live on a dynamic Earth, reacting to human pressures and a changing climate which presents risks that we must quickly understand and appropriately manage.

Terrafirma’s experts extract knowledge from information captured across centuries; from literature, maps, ground investigations, hand-picked data partners and more recently, from space. Our highly specialised team use emerging technology to innovatively synthesise this data with a deep understanding of geo-science, gaining insight into hazards that can disrupt property, land and infrastructure.

Ground movement poses hazards that are influenced by both natural and human factors, such as historical mining, coastal erosion, development, vegetation and local geology. The significance of these hazards to the consumer or an organisation is determined by their understanding of risk.