The disruptive power of the ground beneath our feet cannot be underestimated. We live on a dynamic Earth, reacting to human pressures and a changing climate which presents risks that we must quickly understand and appropriately manage. Terrafirma’s experts extract knowledge from information captured across centuries; from literature, maps, ground investigations, hand-picked data partners and more recently, from space. Our highly specialised team use emerging technology to innovatively synthesise this data with a deep understanding of geo-science, gaining insight into hazards that can disrupt property, land and infrastructure

Terrafirma is a leader in the provision of ground risk assessment and GeoData. Our team of geologists, engineers and data scientists translate complex ground hazards into clear, accurate, and reliable advice through our market-leading reports, expert opinion and risk models.

Our team is passionate about improving the understanding of the ground and the complex ways it interacts with the Built Environment, offering a comprehensive suite of conveyancing solutions to ensure that the client is fully equipped to make informed decisions.

From historical mining, to the future of shale gas extraction and the impact of radon exposure, to the risks of natural ground movement, Terrafirma can not only provide insight to data but the professional opinion required to inform and action where necessary, and provide professional advice for legal and property due diligence.