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We Know Data. Inside Out.

We Know Data. Inside Out.

SDA are the premier small company for big data. We launched the Department for Education’s national School Performance Tables in 1993. Ever since then we’ve been making better sense of more information, putting together brilliant code and incisive presentation to explain what’s happening in the world.

In 2018 we’re the Department’s go-to choice to deliver their flagship Benchmark Report Cards, using open data to enable schools to compare their financial performance and exchange good practice with similar schools.

SCROLL – our marvellous data collection and analysis tool – is used across the public and private sectors to gather information, poll opinion and deliver results.

With our French sister company Gide we market test everything from policies to Peugeots for everyone from Governments to grocers, providing bottom line insights to all of our customers.

To accomplish all of this to the standard required by our customers, we’ve dug deep into our security protocols, establishing an ISO27001:2013 certified operation that is also fully GDPR compliant. In fact we dug so deep that we realised that we’d outstripped most of our peer group in GDPR compliance, so now we do that too. If you need practical advice on how to get up to speed in this difficult task, give us a shout.

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