Ontotext AD

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Ontotext AD is a developer of core semantic technology, text mining and web mining solutions.

For over a decade Ontotext has brought together metadata and content to search, navigate and analyse information in more productive ways.

Ontotext was among the first organizations in the world to recognize the power of semantic-driven technology, delivering insights from diverse data and global knowledge

After extensive product development and self-funded R&D, Ontotext’s vision for semantic technology is now being shared by some of the world’s most renowned organizations spanning a diverse range of industries, such as Publishing, Life Science, Banking and Insurance, Museums and Archives, Government Organizations, etc.

Company client list includes news and media agencies like the BBC, Press Association and Financial Times, top Academic publishers like IET, Wiley, Springer Nature, Elsevier and OUP, leading pharmacological companies such as AstraZeneca, important government agencies including the US Department of Defence, The National Archive of UK, US Medicare, and centuries old cultural institutions like the British Museum.

Member since: October 2013