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Iniciativa Barcelona is the hub for open data in the region.

Iniciativa Barcelona Open Data, Barcelona, Spain

Joined: 1 August 2016

Learning Node

Iniciativa Barcelona is the hub for open data in the region. We are a non-profit organisation focused on providing training and leveraging projects related to open data. Our ambitions are to support local entrepreneurship and conduct research in the field of open data.

Open data advocacy is a global movement and joining the ODI Node Network enables us to enhance our efforts to support this movement and to connect local members to a global network.

As ODI Barcelona we want to bring together public administration, industry and the community (open data advocates) in order to leverage shared projects. We will:

  • convene and connect people through local events
  • deliver training to help understanding and practical use of open data (particularly public administration)
  • communicate stories that demonstrate the local impact of open data

We would like to collaborate with our local community and advisory board to help develop ODI Barcelona’s local activities.

To learn more about ODI Barcelona visit their website.


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