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Our mission is to produce original and actionable data delivered in tailor made platforms.

nam.R is fully committed to the artificial intelligence and the open data revolution

We have implemented a non-personal data collection process across hundreds of data platforms, and have solid partnerships with data providers. The data is constantly updated and ordered in a Data Library, which now holds more than 450,000 datasets.

Our expertise resides in our ability to recover, order, cross and enrich data (ranging from satellite imagery, text, and structured datasets) in new ways and produce relevant, original and directly actionable insights. The creation of original data requires a continual investment in artificial intelligence.

Tailor-made, dedicated platforms make this data available to businesses and public actors.
nam.R made the conscious decision to work in the sustainable development sector and actively participate in the ecological transition. It’s first four dedicated data platforms attest to this:

○ tRees will allow the targeting, mapping, scaling and standardisation of educational building energy retrofitting

○ solaR is for professionals in the sector; it supports the massive rollout of solar energy throughout France by identifying upwards of 14 million solar-capable roofs

○ enRgy allows professionals in the social rental sector to model and quantify the impact of energy retrofitting plans and their needs in terms of financing

○ uRban will target the real estate and green finance sectors by providing data on urban densification, which will open up new opportunities for value creation