emapsite is a leading provider of location content services, delivering geographic content and mapping on demand to professional map users and businesses seeking to drive value through location based insights.

Delivering location

emapsite is a location data content platform, hosting geospatial content and providing access to that content through an online mapshop and via a portfolio of web map services. Suppliers include Ordnance Survey, Land Registry, BGS, EA and a host of content from across open, public sector and commercial data sources.

With an extensive track record in innovation and disruption across the geo-intelligence space, emapsite is renowned for its product and service development both leading and in response to market demands across the land and property, asset management, public sector and insurance and financial services sectors. Recent examples would include product development around asset peril and value using land ownership, property footprint, building height and proximity to site related hazard.

Proven, robust, resilient, flexible and cost effective, our award winning service meets the daily needs of major customers in public sector, national critical infrastructure, utilities, asset management, housing and the wider land and property domain. For many that will be maps, plans, DWGs, imagery, reports, all on a transactional, property specific basis via our website; for others, that will mean seamless integration into business critical internal tools and public facing websites.

Everything happens somewhere and with >80% of all data, old and new, cartographic, big data or IoT, having a location element it makes sense to harness the value in that location component through evidence gathering for better insight, informed decision making and driving value. emapsite has been preparing for this world for 20 years and has the capacity and capability to work with and for you in achieving your objectives.

Member since: November 2014