Corporate Risk Associates (CRA)

ODI Member
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Corporate Risk Associates (CRA)  is one of Europe’s largest integrated Human Factors, Safety and Risk Consultancy with an enviable reputation for supplying high quality and value-for-money services to safety-critical industries.

Our clients operate in both the private and public sectors and play a vital role in the UK and international economies and in people’s everyday lives.

CRA adds value by having a multi-disciplinary team with wide-ranging experience and a diverse set of skills in Process Modelling, Risk and Safety Management, Civil & Structural Engineering and Human Factors across a broad range of industries.

Our unique expertise lies in the ability to tailor the theoretical methods to our clients’ practical needs. We work routinely with large and small datasets, performing Bayesian updates, data trending, regression analysis, uncertainty and sensitivity analysis. We use data sets to build logic models to assess operational and maintenance risk, security and physical safety.

Our clients include Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Process, Power, Renewables and Defence companies. Our risk consultants have experience in various fields: human factors, business risk, technical safety, advanced risk models and cyber security. In our work to date we have helped businesses understand their operational risk coming from their current operational structure and analysing the employees’ contribution to cyber and operational safety.