Sinergise is a Geographical Information System (GIS) company building large turn-key geospatial systems in the fields of cloud GIS, agriculture and real-estate administration.

OriginTrail (Prospeh)

OriginTrail is purpose-built protocol for supply chains based on the blockchain. Trace (TRAC) is a utility token that enables data operations on the OriginTrail Decentralized Network


The platform brings together pupils, teachers and parents and inspires children to love writing.

Plume Labs

Plume Labs developed a mobile app that produces recommendations on how to reduce your exposure to unclean air.


OpenOil uses open data to provide investment grade analysis of the oil, gas and mining industries.


A brain imaging data analytics platform – understanding the diseased and the healthy brain.

Pocketdefi (Liimtec)

Liimtec aimed to develop “PocketDefi”, which is the smallest, most affordable and first consumer suited AED (Automated External Defibrillators). PocketDefi provides a unique user experience by being monitored and serviced through the mobile network. By using this connection to build a network of first aiders, these first aiders can react immediately in case of emergency


Circular economy solution InSymbio is a B2B Marketplace for bio-based residues and by-products with bidding processes and analytics.


Instats is a web service helping knowledge workers that need to find and visualise massive datasets in order to easily create insightful presentations.


By using modern data mining methods Implisense can make predictions for future potential customers and thus make marketing and sales activities more efficient and accurate. The service is used by market leaders in Germany, Europe and the US, who already hold several hundred to thousands of business relationships.