This paper was written and produced by the Open Data Institute in 2016, based on interviews with input from the teams at Thomson Reuters, Arup and Syngenta. If you have insights into open data’s use and benefits for big business, share them with us at [email protected]. If you are interested in exploring the potential of open data further, consider joining our global network as an ODI Startup, ODI Member or ODI Node.

Authors and contributors

  • Authors: Jack Hardinges, Jamie Fawcett, Jeni Tennison and Tom Heath
  • Contributors: Ellen Broad and Amanda Smith
  • Editor: Anna Scott
  • Production: Phil Lang

Interview participants

  • Damien McCloud, Digital Insight Leader, Arup
  • Volker Buscher, Director, Arup Digital
  • Derek Scuffell, Data Strategist for R&D Information Systems, Syngenta
  • Elisabeth Fischer, Development Economist, Syngenta
  • Graham Mullier, Head of Data Sciences, Syngenta
  • Dan Bennett, Head of Enterprise Data Services, Thomson Reuters
  • Dan Meisner, Head of Capability for Open Data, Thomson Reuters
  • Tim Baker, Global Head of Content Strategy and Innovation, Thomson Reuters
  • Wilbur Swan, Head of Enterprise Metadata Services, Thomson Reuters


We would like to thank all interview participants for making this research possible, and Ian Brown, University of Southampton, for his collaboration and support in the conduct of the Thomson Reuters interviews.

How to cite this report

Please cite this report as: Open Data Institute (2016) Open enterprise: how three big businesses create value with open innovation. London, UK. Available at Open enterprise.