Friday lunchtime lecture: GOV.UK performance - The metrics that matter for improving public services

Friday 07 November 2014, 1:00pm - 1:00pm

The Open Data Institute, 65 Clifton Street, London, EC2A 4JE

You bring your lunch, we provide tea & coffee, an interesting talk, and enough time to get back to your desk.


GOV.UK performance is a new approach to improving government services, using data. We show the metrics that matter to the civil servants who provide government services.

All the dashboards are public – no usernames or passwords – so the government is accountable for the services it provides. We're making the map of the UK's public services and how they connect together. And we're building this map around the user needs of citizens and businesses.

Listen in on how we're using data to help government meet the needs of citizens and businesses.

Henry Hadlow is a designer interested in digital services and beautiful typography. He works at GOV.UK. When he's not designing he likes to play the accordion.