Friday lunchtime lecture: How startups are transforming big business

Friday 10 March 2017, 1:00pm - 1:00pm

Open Data Institute, 65 Clifton Street, London, EC2A 4JE

Friday lunchtime lectures are for everyone and are free to attend. You bring your lunch, we provide tea and coffee, an interesting talk, and enough time to get back to your desk.

Startups Image by Pexels (CC by 1.0)

Gone are the David and Goliath days when startups relied on big business for investment and growth. Increasingly, corporate giants are beginning to turn to startups for fresh ideas and innovative solutions.

In this ODI Lunchtime Lecture, startup guru Cathy White will discuss how creating ecosystems of startups and large organisations can lead to game-changing innovations across sectors, citing examples from her extensive background in the field.

About Cathy White

Cathy White specialises in working with startups and the organisations that support them, and is passionate about working with growing companies where she can make an impact to their business.

Before founding CEW Communications, Cathy was Head of Communications at Tech City UK, an organisation that helps to accelerate the growth of digital startups and skills in the UK. Previously, she worked as Communications and Marketing Manager for Seedcamp.

Live feed

Watch the live feed here from 1pm on Friday 10 March 2017