Head of People

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The Head of People will be responsible for developing and maintaining the ODI’s values and culture; helping us develop as an organisation, as teams and as people; and responsible for the HR function.

Head of People

Location: Shoreditch,  London

Salary: £60,000 per annum pro rated (£36,000 per annum), 0.6 FTE (21 hours per week), plus pension and benefits

Part time, permanent contract

21 hours per week

About the ODI

The Open Data Institute (ODI) was co-founded by two visionary leaders: Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the web, and Sir Nigel Shadbolt, renowned AI professor. Our vision is for people, organisations and communities to use data to make better decisions and be protected from any harmful impacts.

The ODI works with companies and governments all over the world to build an open, trustworthy data ecosystem. We deliver advisory, training and research and development services, encompassing public policy, business strategy and technology. Our programme of work is busy and constantly changing. We are committed to producing work at a very high standard and delivering measurable value to our partners and clients.

About the role

Reporting to the CEO, the Head of People is responsible for developing and maintaining the ODI’s values and culture; helping us develop as an organisation, as teams and as people; and responsible for the HR function.

Key responsibilities

To develop and maintain the ODI’s values and culture, your responsibilities include:

  • Creating a collaborative, positive, learning culture within the team that motivates everyone to do their best
  • Planning, designing and overseeing the facilitation of our team meetings (daily standup, monthly learning meetings, monthly status/update meetings, quarterly offsites)
  • Facilitating the process of refining, developing and embedding internal processes and policies that work for people and the organisation
  • Maintaining and improving internal communications between teams, and up and down the organisation
  • Helping us to collaborate effectively in teams, for example in our use of technology to support communications, creating norms around working practices and so on
  • Ensuring we have good feedback mechanisms across the organisation
  • Exploring ways to celebrate & recognise successes
  • Ensuring our policies and activities create/maintain an open, inclusive culture

To support our development as an organisation, in teams and as people, your responsibilities include:

  • Identifying areas for development within the team and putting together structured training and/or recruitment programmes to meet them
  • Helping to identify and develop ways to improve resilience in staff to manage stress, mental health, performance, etc
  • Running retrospectives to uncover lessons learned within projects or around processes to constantly improve work over time
  • Embedding good knowledge management practices through the organisation
  • Advising on our organisational structure as we change size and adapt to new demands

Reflecting your senior position within the organisation, as the Head of People, your responsibilities include:

  • Advising the CEO and SMT on ODI’s organisational development strategy, aiming towards achieving its mission and being a sustainable organisation
  • Reporting to the CEO and SMT on the ODI’s organisational development, and supporting the Remunerations & Nominations Committee
  • Developing the sustainability of the organisation eg through increasing productivity, retention, diversity & learning
  • Supporting and holding to account the whole ODI team in their work and conduct
  • Supporting the whole ODI team pastorally and in their professional development

As the person responsible for the HR function within ODI, your responsibilities include:

  • Supporting, mentoring and developing the HR manager to deliver our HR priorities
  • Mentoring and supporting line managers to help them to develop and support their line reports

About you – skills, knowledge and experience

Essential experience

  • Advising and reporting to Senior Management on organisational design, managing organisational changes, and adapting the organisation to changing requirements
  • Developing and promoting an organisation’s values and culture through communications, policies and practices
  • Working within a fast-paced, agile and open culture
  • Promoting reflection, learning and good knowledge management practices within an organisation
  • Putting in place systems and processes to encourage autonomy, accountability and personal responsibility within an organisation
  • Improving productivity, retention and diversity within teams
  • Communicating confidently and engagingly with a whole organisation, from junior members of the team to Senior Management and Board
  • Supporting people to develop knowledge and skills through mentoring, coaching and training
  • Facilitating effective meetings, workshops and running retrospectives
  • Managing and facilitating effective internal communications between teams and people
  • Encouraging, collecting and analysing feedback, and designing and developing responses to that feedback
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure and to short deadlines
  • Ability to multi-task and move quickly between projects through effective prioritisation
  • Strong IT, research or analytical skills
  • Educated to degree level, equivalent professional qualification or experience

Desirable experience

  • Write and implement HR policies to ensure and promote fairness, inclusivity and diversity
  • Experience of web tools such as HR Management Systems, Google Suite, Skype and Slack
  • Organisation of employee engagement activities and events as well as promoting good health and well-being practices
  • A professional qualification and experience working in Human Resource Management and/or Learning & Development
  • Good knowledge of UK employment law

ODI values


You are good at what you do. You use your expertise to help with ODI’s mission. You are open and generous with that expertise and experience, and share it outside and inside ODI.

You can get better at what you do. You recognise the limits of your expertise and respect that of others. You are open to and seek advice, opinions and support to develop your expertise, within and outside ODI. You reflect on what works and what doesn’t to consciously learn, improve and grow.


You succeed when others flourish. You support and challenge others to do their best work. You open up opportunities for other people and organisations, and empower them to take them. You are as open as possible about what you are doing and what you have learnt. You encourage others to refine and build on your work.

You empathise with others so you can help them. You find out what people and organisations really need. You have empathy with their motivations and the constraints they operate under. You communicate in terms they understand.


You are trusted because you are honest and responsible. You are open with your opinion, open to hearing what others say, open to being wrong and open to changing your mind. You are not afraid to speak your mind when it is useful or important, and take responsibility for the results of doing so. You actively and curiously listen to others, and take responsibility for your responses to them.

You can do more than you might think. You are bold, creative and open to failure. You know what you do won’t be perfect at first but that doesn’t stop you. You start small and quickly and iterate to improve.


  • 5% employer contributory pension
  • 30 days annual holiday plus bank holidays
  • Life assurance cover
  • Long term disability cover
  • Critical illness cover
  • £750 annual professional development budget
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Flexible working
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Eye care vouchers

How to apply

Please send a CV and cover letter explaining why you are the right candidate for the role to [email protected]