David Littler also performs with McLean, bringing analogue forms of chance encounter and collaborative process into the mix. His work investigates the sonic cultures of making, particularly textiles. He explores folk cultures and ideas of sampling, gifting and sharing as creative acts. The Doffing Mistress Takes A Stroll is a folk song from the Irish Linen industry. In Littler’s installation of the same name, a collection of looping paper strips sit alongside a tiny mechanical piano player, each holding the tune to the traditional song. We are invited to continue the tune, taking it in a new direction by adding our own marks, such as patterns, words, drawings or musical notes. As different people add their marks, the graphic and sonic score grows, resulting in a new composition which can be played out loud by participants or other visitors.

The artists

Felicity Ford

David Griffiths and Julian Rohrhuber

Ellen Harlizius-Kluck

Dan Hett

Amy Twigger Holroyd

Alex McLean

Sam Meech

Antonio Roberts