Dan Hett uses a mixture of live coding, video mixing and glitched software to create his visuals. He extends his practice into static print and animation by working with generated datasets to create chronological representations of his performances in print and video. For Thinking Out Loud he has created two new works: Three Hundred and Sixty Seconds – a series of prints from one of his performances – and Twenty Thousand Seconds – a screen-based animation of live coded visuals recorded from from four chosen performances, and slowed down to last the exact duration of the exhibition. Those visiting and working in the ODI will be offered a unique view of the performance, as one frame of the video merges into the next.

The artists

Felicity Ford

David Griffiths and Julian Rohrhuber

Ellen Harlizius-Kluck

Amy Twigger Holroyd

David Littler

Alex McLean

Sam Meech

Antonio Roberts