ODI startups: Who they are and what they do (in 60 seconds)

To watch more in depth versions of these pitch presentations, please visit this channel.

At the Open Data Institute, we run a startup program that is geared towards fostering and developing the very best in commercial uses of open data.

ODI startups are a diverse group with businesses that focus on a range of issues, products, services and solutions. We’re currently in the second stage of the program. The first cohort secured over £2m in contracts and investments. Their clients include government departments, domestic and international businesses. In the current cohort we have companies focusing on smart cities, 3D printed toys, energy efficiency, and the role of open data in supporting disabled communities.

We wanted to give you a way of seeing and hearing who the ODI startups are, so we have produced these videos. Watch, listen, and find out more about the commercial use of open data and the people behind it. If you’re interested in what they have to say, get in touch with them by finding their contact details on their individual startup pages.

The 60 second pitches can be found on this dedicated channel.

We’ve also produced longer presentation pitches that offer a more detailed look at the startups. These can be found on this channel.

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