Invitation to tender: Experienced company to manage an international event

Thu May 3, 2018
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We’re looking for an experienced company to manage an international event

1 May 2017
Tender reference: RDP9-001
Call for tenders by the Open Data Institute
Contact: [email protected]

Summary and timeline


We are looking for an individual or company to provide an event planning and management service for an international government event in mainland Europe in July 2018. Your role will be to, ensure that the event is managed efficiently, delivers a useful and interesting array of material for attendees, and an opportunity for the ODI to connect with existing and new audiences.


We are looking for an individual or company to provide an event planning and management service, ensuring that the international government is managed efficiently and delivers a useful and interesting array of material for attendees, and an opportunity for the ODI to connect with existing and new audiences. At this point in time we cannot publicly confirm the location or governments involved in the event.

We expect around 100 delegates to attend the one-day event. The agenda for the day is still being developed and we would like the successful company/individual to take a full part in helping to shape the event, organising attendees and speakers, as well as managing and coordinating all aspects of the day itself. It is possible that the event will involve more than one ‘track’ or programme (ie. two programmes/tracks running in parallel).

There will be the usual staging, A/V, hospitality and catering arrangements to make, and liaison with internal partners and external participants and suppliers to manage

The ODI’s in-house team consists of designers, content writers and producers, publishers, digital marketers, PR and media relations specialists, membership, sales and business development executives and administrative support. The successful bidder will be expected to work closely with the in-house team but needs to be aware that all staff involved will need to forward plan the work that they are required to do for the Summit (to ensure it can be accommodated within existing workloads). The full details will be scoped with the successful bidder at the project kick off meeting.


  • C-suite business leaders across multiple sectors including (but not restricted to) healthcare and biotechnology, agri-tech, sport and physical fitness, retail and banking
  • Public sector influencers, particularly those concerned with digital and data transformation in government – in the UK and overseas
  • SMEs and start up businesses who work with or use data
  • Members of the open data community and the open movement
  • The ODI’s network of partners, nodes and members
  • Journalists


between May – July 2018

Value of award (excl. VAT)


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Contract awarded


ODI brief winning applicant(s)


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Final work delivered by

July 2018

Tender reference:



[email protected]

Terms of payment

50% of the agreed value of the award will be paid on commencement of contract, and the remaining 50% will be paid upon completion of the work, including satisfactory responses to all feedback from the ODI.

Form of tender response

  • Interested parties should submit a costed proposal (in English) to [email protected] which includes:
  • Your approach to this project
  • Experience in running events in mainland Europe
  • An indicative timeline of tasks, and time (days) allocated to achieving these tasks
  • Your project management process or methodology
  • Example/s of when and how you have managed similar projects with details about the budget and outcomes
  • Any other supporting information about you/your company that you feel is relevant
  • The day-rate(s) you propose to apply to this project and the person or people who will undertake the activity
  • Any conditions or stipulations attached to your proposal

If you have any questions about the tender, please contact [email protected] quoting the tender reference. The ODI reserves the right to make both anonymised questions and answers public or shared with other organisations having stated their interest.

Decision criteria

All proposals will be assessed as described in our public procurement policy. In addition, for this procurement we will be looking for:

  • Experience of running events with attendance from multiple governments
  • Experience of running events in mainland Europe
  • Experience of running events in the data or technology sector