Call for tenders: collaborative data innovation projects between French and UK cities

Fri Aug 25, 2017
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The ODI will grant three worth £20,000 for proposals that connect and/or encourage collaborative data between French and UK cities.

Call for tenders by the Open Data Institute

Contact: [email protected]

The ODI will grant three £20,000 awards for proposals that connect and/or encourage collaborative data innovation between French and UK cities.

For this call, we use a broad definition of ‘data innovation’: this includes innovative products and services, but could also be improvements in data infrastructure, in data skills, facilitating data sharing, or strengthening peer networks. We are particularly interested in activities that share existing data innovation between France and the UK. For example, a successful innovation developed in a French city being adapted and transfered to a UK context.

Three awards of £20,000 will be made

We encourage and will prioritise joint applications from city-based groups, organisations and companies in France and the UK. The successful applicants will work in collaboration with the ODI, who will provide guidance, review and assistance throughout.

Summary and timeline


Terms of payment

50% of the agreed value of the award will be paid after the contract is awarded in October 2017, and the remaining 50% will be paid upon completion of the work, including satisfactory responses to all feedback from the ODI.


In July 2016, the UK France data taskforce set itself the objective of connecting data innovators and innovation across French and British regions.

That is why the ODI is funding three bilateral proposals that connect French and British cities, and encourage collaborative working on data innovation between them. We are focusing particularly on proposals that look to replicate successful existing innovations from one city and bring it to another.

This is an R&D project and we encourage you to innovate, take risks and try new things. We encourage and will prioritise joint applications from consortiums groups, organisations and companies from France and the UK involved in city-level data innovation


The final deliverable for this piece of work will be to disseminate the results and learnings from your project in the format of your choice (for example a blog-post, a talk or a video). This should summarise your project and cover:

  • an explanation of the rationale for the project and for the collaboration between UK/France city-based groups
  • a summary of the project and what you have achieved
  • how the project helped connect data innovation between France and the UK
  • learnings from replicating innovations and approaches from one UK/French city in another (e.g. challenges and how you overcame them)
  • recommendations on how this could could be built on to create sustainable data partnerships between French and UK cities

The ODI favours working in the open. The successful candidate will be expected to conduct this work in this manner through blogging and speaking about their work. The successful candidate will also liaise regularly with the ODI team, for example through face-to-face meetings and being available remotely (e.g. via Skype, email or Slack).

Additionally, we anticipate this work being presented at the next UK/France Data Summit before the end of the period of work.

Decision criteria

All proposals will be assessed as described in our public procurement policy. In addition, we will be looking for:

  • evidence of capacity to run activities in both France and the UK
  • ability to communicate well in written form and to tell the story of your project

The application process

Stage 1: Complete the following application form before 28 September 2017; 12:00 BST. It takes less than 10 minutes
Stage 2: Interviews. Shortlisted finalists will be interviewed on 4 and 5 October 2017. Interviews can be carried out remotely or in person at our London office
Stage 3: We will announce the three proposals awarded £20,000 each on 6 October 2017

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].