White paper: Using data to take an open approach to investment banking

Investment banking is one of the world’s oldest and most data-rich industries. It provides a large range of financial products and services to businesses, governments and investors, helping them to grow and to manage risk. The sector is undergoing significant change: adopting new technologies and regulations, transforming organisational cultures and reducing costs.

This report considers:

  • the sector’s existing data infrastructure – in terms of data assets, processes, technologies and organisations
  • where data assets are currently mapped on the Data Spectrum, from closed to open
  • challenges and opportunities in using open data to create a strong data economy open data case studies from other industries

To take an open approach to data infrastructure, the report recommends the sector draws out industry expertise via working groups, manages control and access of data, and assesses opportunities for a more open approach that creates long‑term value.

This report was produced by the Open Data Institute and supported by Deutsche Bank.