Vending Machine (2009)

An old vending machine is reprogrammed to release free snacks only when search terms relating to the recession make the headlines on the BBC News RSS feed.

Visitors are welcome to take the snacks as-and-when this happens.

You can find out more about the vending machine on Ellie Harrison’s website.

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Ellie Harrison

Ellie Harrison was born in London in 1979 and now lives and works in Glasgow, where she sees herself as a ‘political refugee’ escaped from the Tory strongholds of Southern England.

She describes her practice as emerging from an ongoing attempt to strike-a-balance between the roles of ‘artist’, ‘activist’ and ‘administrator’.

As well as making playful, politically engaged works for gallery contexts, she is also the coordinator of the national Bring Back British Rail campaign, which strives to popularise the idea of renationalising of our public transport system, and is the agent for The Artists’ Bond - a long-term speculative funding scheme for artists.